Cordovín, village with name of wine


Placed in the region of the najerilla, in the valley of the saw of the demand, we meet Cordovín. Ancient population, whose historical mentions date back of the year 946 in which the king of Pamplona García IV and the queen Doña Teresa offered to San Millán’s monastery the villas of Cordovín, Barbarana and Barbaranilla. His more representative buildings are the Parish of Santa Maria, constructed in 1832, and San Christopher’s Hermitage that dates back of 1895.

Undoubtedly someone, the culture of the grapevine and the production of wine is the principal activity of the municipality turning almost into a monoculture. Of long wine tradition his famous clear one known as Cordovín is necessary to stand out. For it, the variety of grape that more takes place is the robe, since it is indispensable for the production of the same ones.

Though, it does not fit doubt, that the wines any more acquaintances are the clarets in the municipality there produce to themselves also white and stained wines of maximum quality what has helped to that Cordovín is recognized by his wines of quality so much in the region of La Rioja, since national and internationally.



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